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Search by Name

To search by Owner name, first select the county you wish to search.

Enter the property owner's last name. In the case of common last names, you may want to include the first few characters of the first name also. Most counties enter owner names as lastname, firstname. However, a few do not include the comma. Check the county notes notes for the county you are searching to see if the comma is required.

The system uses the name you enter as a prefix that must exactly match the name in the property records.

If you do not find what you are looking for, there are two possible causes.

  1. You are entering too much in the name field. For example, if the owner is a family trust and you are entering a comma and first name, you will most likely not find what you are looking for. Or, say you enter Smith, William and the county has the owner as Smith, W. James, you will not find the property (Smith,W will, though).
  2. You entered too little. The program will return a maximum of 500 records. If you are looking for Smith, William and enter only Smith in the name field, it is possible in larger counties that there are 500 Smiths before the program reaches the 500 record limit. In this case enter Smith, W and you should find your property.
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