Real World Assessor Tax Information System
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Search by Tax Map

To search by Tax Map, first select the county you wish to search.

Search by Map requires a minimum of Township and Range.

If your county has ranges or townships that include either East or West (or North or South) values, you may filter for one or the other by selecting a direction. Direction is ignored if the county does not need it. Both directions are returned if a county contains both and none is given.

If a county includes Townships or Ranges between 1 and 9, the value may be entered as either 01 - 09 or 1 - 9

Section may be between 1 and 30. Sections between 1 and 9 may be entered as either 1 - 9 or 01-09.

Quarter section is a combination of Quarter and Quarter-Quarter (sixteenth) values. These are usually each designated as A - D. Acceptable values are A - D and AA - DD. If you have problems, check the county's notes to see if the county follows this convention.

If you do not find the property you are looking for, try a search by street. Note the map shown in the street search results, and use that in your search.

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