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Set Up or Modify a Farm Neighborhood

On the FarmTeam menu, the first menu selection allows you to add properties to a neighborhood. Select how you wish to select the names (by street address, map, or tax account). In our example we will use the property address. You can add the names to an existing neighborhood, or you can create a new neighborhood. For a just listed/just sold mailing, you will want to add the names to a newly created neighborhood.

Click Continue. Enter the name of the neighborhood you want to create. Give the neighborhood a name that will associate it with your listing, i.e. "Smith listing". Enter the property zip code, the street name and street number in the Add to Farm form. You may filter the properties you add by selecting a property type. Click Continue on this form.

The next page appearing on your screen should show a list of all the streets in the neighborhood of the property address (or map or tax account) you entered. The check boxes along the left side allow you to either include (checked) or exclude (unchecked) specific streets. The displayed streets are all on the same map as your subject property. After selecting the street names to be included, click Add Selected Streets to add the streets to your neighborhood.

Note: Contacts listed with a selected street are permanently added to your neighborhood. You cannot delete them unless you are willing to delete the entire neighborhood.

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