Real World Assessor Tax Information System
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View/Edit Your Farm Contact Records

The second item on the Farm Team Menu allows you to edit your neighborhood name and address list.

Select your new neighborhood name in the Select Records To Edit drop down menu. (You may also enter a tax account or an owner's last name and then go directly to the edit form for that record). You may exclude duplicates or exclude those you have marked as "nomail" by selecting no on the corresponding pull downs.

FarmTeam attempts to parse owner names and addresses into a "friendlier" format. It will strip initials, and it will remove many of the words designating a trust (Trust or Trustee etc). However, there are more inventive ways of entering a name and address than any program could accommodate. Before mailing, you will need to manually correct any unwanted results returned by the program (such as those cases where the program wasn't able to properly format the name, or where the program did not detect a duplicate name).

Click on the account number in the edit list to edit a name and address.

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