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FarmTeam Utilities

The utilities menu section is a catch-all area for functions allowing you to easily make changes to an entire neighborhood or to all records in your farm. Currently supported functions include:

  • Rename a neighborhood. You may use this if you forget to enter a neighborhood name (in which case, the default name "New Neighborhood" is used). You may also rename a neighborhood to the same name as an existing neighborhood to combine the two neighborhoods.

  • Delete a neighborhood. If you use FarmTeam for just listed/just sold mailings, you will want to clean up neighborhoods that you won't be using again.

  • Mark All for Mailing or Mark All for Nomail may be used to include or exclude a neighborhood from a mailing to all names in your farm. The Mark all for Mailing will not set the mail flag for a name to yes if the name is a duplicate.

  • Update a Neighborhood. This function is not yet implemented. When complete, it will compare your Farm to your county tax records, and it will update those names where the property has been sold since the list was created or last updated.
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